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An introduction to the art and science of Reflexology.

The feet are comparatively small in relation to the rest of the body, but they contain so much magic! The whole body rests on them and they are able to dance and move our entire physical form.

Our feet are more important than we think: illness can be revealed in the feet and alert us to potentially serious issues.

Reflexology uses thumb and finger pressure on specific points on the feet that correspond to all part of the body.

I have been teaching and practising the art and science of reflexology for 30 years and I’ve found it helps to re-balance the body physically, emotionally and energetically, clears congestion, restores vital energy and warns us of any potential issues.

Reflexology is an exchange from one person to another. Treatments are relaxing and energising for clients and you can easily integrate Reflexology with other modalities you practice and into your lifestyle generally.

The anatomy of the foot is covered and the map of the foot is energetically colour coded.

Plenty of hands-on experience and comprehensive notes to read before and after the day to deepen and integrate your learning.

A Certificate of Attendance is given, to that you can claim CPE points with your Professional Association.

Join the private Facebook group where you can share ideas, questions and experiences with other like-minded individuals. Then, be a part of an ongoing flourishing like-minded community.

***An exciting bonus training will be integrated into the day! You will learn how to unlock the master spring in the body, by releasing the toes, ankle joints, calves and hips to align the body. These simple adjustments will help arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle oedema/pain, shine splints, calf cramps, knee pain or joint degeneration, iliotibial band syndrome, poor circulation, varicose veins, hip pain and joint degeneration***

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