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Prerequisite – Level 1

A deeper exploration into how to integrate the whole body through working on the feet!

The brain and spinal cord of the central nervous system unites with the 12 cranial and 31 spinal nerves to form the peripheral nervous system: this communicates to the body’s muscles, glands and sensory receptors.

For change to occur throughout life, we need to have neural plasticity and the human brain has the amazing capacity to re-organize itself. It does this by forming new connections between brain cells.

The skin is an extension of the nervous system, and our focus will be to work through the skin over the reflex of the spine, to affect all part of the body via the nervous system.

But the body’s energy, aura and chakra’s are important too, so we’ll explore the chakra points along the spine on the feet and how they affect the endocrine glands and nervous system to support whole body integration.

This day will emphasise working with treatment routines that relate to specific conditions and special client groups.

A review of the foot’s structure and attention to the foot’s alignment with the body’s natural weight balance will be addressed.

A Certificate of Attendance will be given, so that you can claim CPE points with your Professional Association.

Join the private Facebook group where you can share ideas, questions and experiences with other like-minded individuals.

This Masterclass experience will be all hands-on experience and comprehensive notes will be given upon registration, so you are ready for the day.

An sugar, gluten and diary free, vegan morning tea will be provided.

What: 9am – 1pm. $155
When: Sunday 12th September, 2021
Where: Yoga Space, Level 1, 227 Brunswick Street, Entry Fishers Lane, Fitzroy.

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