Living Cyclically

‘As above, so below’

This verse typifies living cyclically and is understood as a reference to the effects of celestial mechanisms upon earth events.  The effects of the Sun upon the four seasons caused by the tilt of the earth’s axis, the changes that occur because of the Moon cycles that affect the tides and the ongoing astrological effects upon us all. The fundamental truth of our sensitivity and responsivity to these natural phenomena, gives us a simplicity and a way to flow with the well-ordered whole of the cosmos.

‘As it is on earth, so it is in heaven’

Another way to consider living cyclically refers to correspondences, connections and similarities between the macrocosm – the world at large or the whole universe. It is understood as a great living being and the microcosm, with the small world of the human being, which is seen as a miniature version of the universe.

The truth is, every second of every day we are living within cycles. As we come to the end of a year and a new year is insight, reflection on the yearly cycle that was is a wonderful tool to access. We can feel our body as a marker to reflect back to us how we have been living within the cycles of life.

Perhaps we are living in a way that is to the expense of these natural cycles and neglecting our sensitivity and the responsivity our bodies hold. We may be living in a linear manner, marking time, constantly on the go, ensnared into reactions of anxiety and raciness – never stopping to  f-e-e-l   o-u-r-se-l-v-e-s.

Caught up in a fight with time leads only to exhaustion, which takes away from our natural ability to nurture ourselves and feel the quality of stillness within. Living this way makes us feel flat, on auto-pilot and one-dimensional. We may perceive every situation as a challenge, versus connecting to the grandness of ourselves and the universe. Time is simply a marker of cycles, which helps us evolve back to where we truly come from.

The universe’s balance of motion and repose hold the natural qualities that support our process of evolution.

Motion is the quality of expanding ourselves, in relation to where we sit in ourselves. Motion moves our evolution on and brings about change. It opens our awareness and we may take on new projects, change lifestyle habits or our direction in life.

Repose is a surrender to the stillness of our femaleness within. This is a simple natural quality and we may judge ourselves as being lazy or unproductive. Repose is a state where we confirm who and where we are in ourselves, it gives us a fuller sense of who we are.

Motion expands – Repose deepens

Here are some simple ways to return to living cyclically:

1. Stop, sit and connect with your body

Allow yourself to feel the tenderness of your body and go deeper, feel yourself in your entirety. You may feel the stillness and surrender of repose, your femaleness. Or, you may find when you go deeper your body is asking for more of you in your day-to-day life.

2. Return to the in-breath and out-breath

Returning to the in-breath and the out-breath, to breathe in is to come back to you. The act of taking a breath of air into your body brings your awareness to you. Give yourself permission to receive the gift of life. Here is a simple meditation technique to help you return to you. Read more…

3. Sleep wake cycles

Sleep provides our body with an opportunity to rest, restore and rejuvenate and is a necessity, along with air, water and food. It refreshes us for the day ahead and if we live in a way that honours the true purpose of sleep, it can become a sacred time each night that supports our evolution, back towards our soul and the Oneness we all come from. Read more…

Living cyclically is connecting to the cycle of motion and repose and honouring both ourselves and the universes balance.


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