Reflect, Release, Awaken

Winter solstice marks the time when the hours of darkness are at their height and daylight is at its lowest; it is the shortest day of the year. It’s also the turning point, when the sun is re-born, as after this date the daylight hours begin to lengthen again. The Solstice is masculine, a positive pole and is connected with air and the North. In Australia it occurs around June 20th each year.

It is traditionally a time to Reflect on what you have brought to fruition in your life and celebrate. Release what no longer serve you; prune and cut back in order for re-growth to occur in spring. Awaken by dreaming over winter when you are more sedentary and reflective. Answering these key questions will guide you toward the spring season.

If we observe nature at this time of the year, we can see the leaves that have now changed color, complete their last tumble to the ground as part of the trees’ final preparation for reflection to begin. The pregnant pause, dormancy and stillness of the winter solstice has arrived, before more light and the gradual transition into spring.

It is time to plant the seeds for future harvest, as the energy of the sun begins to re-assert the increasing warmth and light, brings seeds to life. Celebrate the rebirth of the sun with warming foods and drink, fire and loving people to bring in new energy, hope and the promise of new life. Feel inspired and look forward to the rest of the year and invite in new beginnings.

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