3 key strategies to rewire your brain for positive change!

Changes in life are imminent, and springtime allows you an opportunity to change your thinking and being. You can embrace new foundations, and rewire your brain for positive change!

Spring is a period of renewal and rebirth; offering you a fresh start, to feel energized, find balance, harmony and new beginnings.

How do you move effortlessly with change versus react?

You need to understand how to rewire your brain for positive change!

At any given moment, your brain can either support a deepening of who we are, help you be more effective and efficient or hinder new learning, growth and change.


Are you stuck on auto-pilot?

3 key strategies

1. Meditate

Pause to recconect to the quality of gentleness within, and the rhythm of your own breath.
It’s helpful to use sensory cues such as:
  • The imprint upon which you close your eyes
  • Focus with your mind to the activity of your breath

True meditation is instructional versus guided; it always brings you back to yourself and develops awareness. It should not be mindless, or a means of escape, distraction, disconnected numbness or bliss.

Rather than mindfulness, which is very popular at present, this meditation encourages a heartful approach to life. This means that we engage with life with an attitude of gentleness and compassion, and develop a loving quality of presence which is naturally healing for our body mind and spirit

Reconnect to the rhythm of your own breath

Informing and instructing, the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation is perfect for beginners or for anyone interested in developing and establishing the quality of their own gentle breath. This is the true value and purpose of meditation.

 Listen to the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation™ by Serge Benhayon.
When we are present to ourselves and still, we can catch the stories our mind is playing.

2. Journal

Writing in a journal allows you to explore and make sense of your experiences and relationships in life.
Keeping a journal helps you to get to know yourself, and allows time for reflection. In turn, this supports you to appreciate yourself, analyse and gain insight and gives you more choices in new actions or ways of being in life. This process encourages ‘neural plasticity’, helping your brain to change!
Break out of the negative loop

There’s a simplicity in gliding a pen on paper, it just feels good in your hands.

By writing, you become aware of what, how and why you are doing what you are doing. You can identify useful strategies, recognise strengths and weaknesses and ultimately become more congruent as awhole person.

If you are willing to accept responsibility and be self-directed, a keen sense of observation and open-mindedness is fostered.  Reflection allows you to establish a connection between all aspects of your being and life, acknowledge your feelings and emotions, observe patterns of behaviour and thinking, that may be holding you back.

Access your creative side with doodling

To find answers use colour to doodle to access your creativity.

The right, creative side of your brain verus the logical left side of the brain is a model to describe different styles of thinking. By using both sides of the brain equally, you can find an organic flow between writing and images, analysing and creativity.

Another reason to journal, is because it has been found that if we look ahead at a screen this accesses the logical left side of the brain, versus if we look down when writing or drawing on a page we access the creative right side of the brain and in reality we can be 10 times more productive. WOW!

A model that describes different styles of thinking

Utilise your whole brain to move beyond fixed attitudes.

Confidence and assertiveness naturally follows which helps you easily change attitudes, perspectives or priorities, without resistances.  By identifying barriers and patterns as well as challenging your beliefs, you will avoid repeating the same patterns: this raises your conscious awareness and presence.

3. Infinity

Drawing the infinity sign integrates both sides of your brain. The benefits of this exercise, includes enhanced attention, hand-eye co-ordination, stress reducation and emotional wellbeing.
In your journal, use your dominant hand first, then your non-dominant hand, to draw the infinity sign (the
number eight lying on its side) for 1-2 minutes a day.

These simple approaches help foster a more integrated whole you. They are easy to implement and will help you to rewire your brain in an ongoing way to be congruent with yourself and life.

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