Spring Wellness Strategy

Do you have any of these spring time imbalances?

Fatigue, lowered immune response, headaches, hormonal and digestive problems, cellulite, oedema, bloating and swelling and chronic conditions like gallstones, hepatitis, cirrhosis, arthritis, allergies and chronic pain.

Emotional imbalances are depression (anger turned inward), lack of motivation and indecision, feeling victimized, frustration, self-doubt, a fear of responsibility and commitment issues can also manifest is spring.

Spring Oils

Here are my top 5 go-to essential oils for spring:

1. Eucalyptus – clears the head, aids concentration, anti-viral

2. Lemon – refreshing, improves digestion, relieves headaches

3. Peppermint – helps mental fatigue, depression and sinusitis

4. Juniper – strengthens the nerves and detoxifies the body

5. Vertiver – promotes a grounding and balancing effect

Use them individually or blended in a vaporizer or

place them  on a tissue and inhale.

1. Eucalyptus -has a cooling effect on emotions, clears the head from hay fever and colds, aids concentration and has an anti-viral action. Due to this it is great for the flu and inflections, lowering temperature from all types of fevers.  It helps the respiratory system by easing mucous and inflammation therefore good for sinusitis, asthma, coughs and throat infections.

2. Lemon – produces clarity of thought, especially when you are feeling hot and bothered and relieves headaches, migraines and nerve pain.  Stimulates the immune system to help you fight infections.  Supports pancreatic secretions and alkalizes the stomach to improve digestion as well as having a general cleansing action on the body and improves circulation.

3. Peppermint – helpful for mental fatigue and depression, states of anger, hysteria and nervous upset. Its warming and cooling action makes it perfect for colds and stopping mucous and fevers.  Helps the respiratory system, sinusitis, dry coughs and asthma and relaxes stomach muscles to improves digestion.

4. Juniper – strengthens the nerves and detoxifies the body especially due to excess alcohol and rich food.  Benefits digestion and clears mucous from the intestines and tonifies the liver. Helpful in eliminating uric acid so benefits arthritis and rheumatism and works wonders in regulating periods and lessening cramps.

5. Vertiver – promote a grounding effect by balancing the central nervous system which makes the mind objective and helps clarify problems, while banishing tiredness. Promotes a restful sleep, as it is warming and sedative. Stimulates the immune system and circulation, soothes anxiety, irritability and stress.

Identifying stressors and blockages so you feel fabulous in spring need attention to diet and lifestyle. Cleansing the liver can lesson allergic responses, boost immunity, help digestion and hormones and clear emotional blockages.

Need a spring balance?

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