The essence of winter

The essence of winter


Tips to reflect, release, awaken as the winter solstice arrives.


The pregnant pause, dormancy and stillness of the winter solstice is on June 21st in the Southern Hemisphere here is Australia.

From this time there is more light and the gradual transition into spring begins. It’s a perfect time to plant the seeds of future harvest.  As the energy of the sun begins to re-assert the increasing warmth and light, it brings seeds to life. Celebrate the sun’s re-birth with warming foods and drink, fire and loving people to bring in new energy, hope and the new life!

Feel inspired and look forward to the rest of the year as you invite new beginnings, by doing these things now!

Consider your the Health of your body, mind and soul and journal the answers to these winter themes:



Reflect on what you have brought into fruition in your life. Write them down and acknowledge yourself.



Release what no longer serves you by pruning back to make space for new growth. Make a list of things to let go of.



Be reflective, meditate and awaken new ways of being, thinking and doing. Journal what you need to bring forth in life.


Sit, rest and be, replenish your energy and conserve your strength. Allow these winter themes to guide you toward a healthy outburst of new life in spring.


Use Rosemary Essential Oil It is purifying and helps the brain and memory while easing congestion and inflammation in the body. It stimulates circulation and lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

  • Add a few drops to the base of shower with your daily shower
  • Apply to a few drops on a tissue and inhale gently
  • Mix 8 drops with 10mls of a carrier oil or cream and rub on your  chest, hand or feet
  • Use 5 -10 drops in a bath or foot bath when you get home from work, to release toxins and rest.

“In winter the bare branches appear asleep, but they are preparing for a jouful spring”

– Claire Lamicela

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