Meet Claire

Hi, I'm Claire, an innermost guide and scent master. I help women and their families re-connect to their essence, boost their energy and restore their joy. What I'm most passionate about, is helping my clients align with their soul, so they live life authentically, with power and purpose.

My story

From an early age I observed and had a love of and connection to nature and a link to the spiritual world. Through my early life experiences and the unanswered questions I held, I decided at 21 years of age to see the world, embarking on a healing quest.

Traveling through fifteen different countries, I immersed myself in the way other cultures lived. I deeply questioned how my own life had been shaped, which led to a pivotal awakening. These profound influences planted the seeds for my future development.

I completed a Fine Arts Degree, majoring in sculpture and studied drawing and painting, discovering a love of colour, form and positive and negative shapes. I am fascinated and deeply moved by the interconnection between the artists inner nature, the link to nature and the divine and love to explore sacred geometry. I consider myself an artist at heart.

A natural transition and my tactile nature, saw me embark on an inquiry into body oriented therapies, embracing the integration of my body, mind, emotions and soul. My extensive studies over 30 years, have included eastern, western and ancient wisdom teachings.

My inner calling is to touch others through my healing and art work. I engage in constant meditation and my gifts and awareness for reading people and situations are highly developed. I bring sensitivity with a gentle approach and integrity in working towards your desired outcome. I facilitate healing, while allowing your body’s inner knowing and innate healing potential to come forth.

My love of people and my commitment to humanity and culture supports you at each stage. In turn, you are able to uncover any issues and challenge’s you may have, so you are able to let go, and truly heal. My wisdom, playfulness and joy encourages and inspires others to celebrate, appreciate, nurture and be who they are and awaken the soul within.

I am a passionate business woman, mentor, teacher, trainer and health practitioner of therapies that are complimentary to medicine. As the Founder and Director of All at We Are All I strive to emulate and convey an awareness of the vital inextricable link, between nature and our whole body divine intelligence.

My career highlights


Honing my knowledge of the body, mind, emotions and soul through studies in body therapies and somatic psychotherapy. Private Practitioner, seeing clients in a one-on-one setting in various professional environments, as well as in my own part-time practice. I developed small business skills and worked with thousands of individual clients of all ages and a diversity of cultural backgrounds.

Becoming a professional educator at the Southern School of Natural Therapies and other RTO's - that has continued. I develop, deliver, review and update curriculum and assessment material, for courses and programs on Certificate, Diploma and Short courses, loving sharing my knowledge and skills with others.


Extensive work over a decade with elite sporting teams and individuals at Selection Trials and Championships. In private practice as part of a Sports Medicine Team, and at the Victorian Institute of Sport. I was chosen to work with Athletes at the Olympic Village at the 2000 Olympic Games.

Presenter and Seminar Leader for corporations and organisations, I developed consultative relationships to deliver and review customised public programs, which has continued throughout my entire career.

As a Well-being Consultant with the Council of Adult Education, I brought innovation to review, expand and monitor their health, wellbeing and fitness short course programs.  I proposed new course ideas and descriptions, recruited new and current tutors for the delivery of suggested short courses and monitored course success.


I was gifted a teaching excellence award, as a world class educator and mentor, and was one of 5 staff to travel interstate to facilitate cross-campus engagement, to mentor other faculty staff and to align how programs were delivered.

As a subject matter expert, I initiated and developed a practice group and Wet Lab excursion, both here in Melbourne and interstate that were ongoing. I was 1 of 15 selected Australia wide, from the Health and Wellness Department, to receive a full scholarship to study a Bachelor of Applied Public Health.

I developed an exquisite colour coded essential oil range, to complement my 30+ years of experience working with individual clients and groups.


B.A. Fine Arts

Diploma Health Science – Massage (AAMT)

Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (AAMT)

Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma

Advanced Certificate IV Remedial Therapies – Reflexology

Connective Tissue Therapy – Level 1 - 2 (EPA)

Sacred Esoteric Healing – Level 1 - 5 (EPA)

Certificate Meditation Teaching
Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment

Applied Tertiary Teaching

Level 2 Senior First Aid
Certifcate IV Small Business

Currently, Bachelor of Applied Public Health


Ageless Wisdom Teachings
Somatic Integration Therapy

Aromatherapy for Well-being


Inner Child Work
Crystal Healing
Applied Nutrition

Traditional Ear Candling

Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Acupressure
Advanced Prescription of Biochemical Tissue Salts
Practice Development