Counselling using established modalities to deeply enquire into the inner self and how your life has been shaped. We often develop behaviours and patterns to protect the hurts we have felt as we have not been met for the truth of who we truly are. We may struggle to change these behaviours and this informs how we live and our life’s choices. You are supported to see these more clearly and make different choices, thus changing behaviours and being able to connect to yourself in full.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a very delicate form of manual therapy where gentle anticlockwise movements are applied to the client’s body, which enhances the natural flow of energy and fluids throughout the connective tissue. This supports the body to release any areas of tension and hardness and restores the body’s natural balance within the organ systems and the musculoskeletal system.

Aromatherapy is an art and science that uses highly concentrate natural aromatic plant extracts in the form of essential oils to medicinally improve, promote and enhance health and well-being. The unique aromas and the chemical constituents of the oils produce different emotional and physiological response. Essential oils can be inhaled directly or through other application or applied with a carrier into the skin.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a non-intrusive, non-invasive healing science that encompasses the ancient wisdom of energetic healing techniques and the ‘Science of the Soul’. It supports and allows the client to deeply surrender and with themselves. It comes from the full knowledge of the Science of the Nadis – there are 45,000 energy cells that make up the Human Spirit in accordance and in adherence to the Law of Correspondence.

Reflexology is a simple and gentle therapy applying pressure techniques to areas of the feet (or hands) to alleviate stress and anxiety. It works with the areas of the foot which correspond to organs and systems of the body.

Myotherapy is used to treat and prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement caused by myofascia dysfunction. Myofascia is thin, fibrous sheets of connective tissue that surround and separate muscles and comprises ligaments and tendons which can become tight and adhered, restricting movement. Dry needling, cupping and myofascia release is incorporated.

Energetic Facial Release uses gentle touch techniques to support you re-connect to your face and release the held emotions. This will release heaviness in your face and body, and you will look and feel younger, lighter and brighter. The stress and tension from our day is carried not just in our bodies but also in our face, gradually building up to form the lines and wrinkles we accept as part of aging.