Kunzea- calm

Clears, brings stillness and a sense of safety. Powerful antimicrobial, Relieves congested flu symptoms. Relieves inflammatory responses, assists Gout and Crohn’ s disease and the after-effects of radiotherapy. Numbs pain from neuralgia, muscles, tendon and joint injuries. Eliminates headaches.

Scent: A clean, fresh, medicinal eucalyptus smell, with a sweet, spicy aroma

Botanical Name: Kunzea ambigua

Other Names: Australian Bush, Tick Bush, White Cloud, White Kunzea, Duane Kunzea, Tasmanian Spring Flower

Plant Part: Steam istillation

Country of Origin: Australia

Energy: Third eye, crown and beyond

Main Constituents: Terpenes, Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenoid

Precautions: Safe and non-toxic when used at common doses for general use

Growing Method: Wild

10ml: Pure Essential Oil