Celebrate Christmas with DIY Scents

Make your home smell gorgeous, with an instant festive infusion with our favourite diffuser blends!

Delight you and your guests this Christmas with popular age old aromas as well as some newer, emerging native australian essential oils.

There’s something special about celebrating Christmas with beautiful aromas. Whether it’s the sharp tang of a cypress pine or the warm, spicy aroma of cardamon and clove, these signature scents can instantly transport us to the special memories. And what better way to enjoy them than with a beautifully blended essential oil?

The power of scent has been used since ancient times by humanity and essential oils have a wide array of uses and applications. Extracted from plants they are highly concentrated and have potent effects in providing you with many benefits. Essential oils of natural origin can positively influence your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

One of the best technologies to utilize the amazing power of essential oils is an essential oil diffuser, as it offers you the best method to bring any aroma into any space. They use effective and safe technology to deliver a wide range of scents without considerably altering the natural essence of the essential oils.

Regarding the amount of essential oil you need to use in an aroma diffuser in general, moderation is key. You should not use too much of an essential oil in a diffuser as you will be overwhelmed by the scent.

If you use less than the recommended amount of the essential oil, it may not be enough to scent the entire space. You will not receive the full therapeutic benefits of the essential oils and not feeling its true effect.

You want the ratio between essential oil and water to be well balanced.

You may be asking, how much essential oil drops to use in an essential oils diffuser?

The recommended amount of essential oil drops vary depending on the size of the essential oil diffuser device you are using, as well as the size of the space where the essential oil diffuser is set.

Here are some parameters: Between 3 to 5 drops of an essential oil are recommended to use in a 100ml capacity diffuser in a medium size room.

If your aroma diffuser is with a capacity of 200 ml, you need 6 to 10 drops, for 300 ml capacity you need 9 to 12 drops, for 400 ml; capacity you need 12 to 15 drops and for 500 ml – 15 to 20 drops.

If the room size is smaller than a medium size room you will need to use fewer drops or if the room is larger than a medium size room, you will need to use either a larger diffuser 200ml and above or a few extra drops of essential oil in you are using a 100ml diffuser.

The level of ventilation in the room is another important factor that can influence the diffusion of the essential oils. For rooms with little or no ventilation, you will need to use less amount of essential oil. It’s usually recommended to place your essential oil diffuser in a room with good ventilation. The lack of ventilation will make the essential oil accumulate, which can make the aroma too strong.


Christmas Scents for your 100ml Diffuser

3 Wise Men

Frankincense 2 drops, Sandalwood 2 drop, Myrrh 1 drop



Merry & Bright

Honey Myrtle 1 drop, Orange 2 drops, Grapefruit 2 drops



Silent Night

Silver Fir 1 drop, Juniper 2 drop, Cedarwood 2 drop



Nice Spice

Clove 1 drop, Cardamon 2 drops, Pink Pepper 1 drop



Green Forest

Balm Bush Mint 2 drop, Spearmint 2 drop, Bay 1 drop



Eucalyptus Woodland

Blue Mallee 1 drop, Eucalyptus 1 drop, Lemon Scented Gum 2 drops



Festive Floral

Rose Myrtle 2 drops, Boronia 1 drop, Lavender 2 drop



Christmas Eve

Cypress Pine 2 drops, Lemon Ironbark 1 drop, Tangerine 2 drops



These Christmas festive themed essential oils diffuser blends will clear, enliver and uplift, helping to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Essential oils have gained great popularity in the past few decades as a general interest in complimentary therapies and natural living continues. From household cleaning products to creating special aromas for healthcare, people are using essential oils in many settings as a more natural option to support day-to-day stresses.

With this growing enthusiasm for essential oils and their continued presence in our lives, it’s important to understand the different ways that we can use essential oils, as well as the purity of the oil to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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