Spring Zing

Simple ideas to refine your health routines, and get your Spring Zing on!

o    Rise early to be in tune with the cycles of the day. Sunrise marks the beginning of the morning period, which is approximately 6am. When we sleep into the late hours of the morning, we tend to feel more lethargic.

o    Aim to go to bed at the same time each night.  The best time to get into bed, is 8.30 – 9.00pm, to settle, relax and be ready for the surrender that sleep offers.

o    Eat well.  Aim for lighter cooked foods, and use fresh herbs and a few warming spices to give food flavour, like the one’s suggested below. Use lighter cooking methods, like steaming or stir-frying.

o    Digestive spices such as black pepper, cardamon, cayenne, chilli, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, fennel, garlic, ginger, mustard, tumeric, ginger, aid in cleansing and balancing your system.

o    Reduce or eliminate dairy, as well as heavy and oily foods.

o    Avoid cold drinks.

o    Use raw honey for sweetening, cut out or cut down processed sugar.

o    Eat less meat. Add legumes and more vegetables.

o    Reap the benefits of oxygen in your system, to support spring cleansing. Get out in nature for walks, to bring a sense of lightness to your body and mind.

o    Reconnect to yourself, with a gentle meditation practice.  Spring is a time to socialise after the hibernation of winter, even if it’s on-line for now!

o    Have a dry sauna, or try a dry massage with silk gloves, or a dry brush or cloth.

o    Experience something new, embrace play and adventure.

o    Dress in bright primary colours like red, yellow and blue.

o    Feed your soul by reading that book you’ve been meaning to, or join a class.

o    Stay warm when you venture outside, as the weather is changeable.

Spring – it’s a time to renew, rebirth and energise. If you follow simple, healthful seasonal practices, you can strengthen yourself against illness and dis-ease. The perfect time to refine your health routines is now!

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